The Soundtrack to Sicilia

Ciao tutti, It’s officially 12:24 a.m. as I’m starting to write this post, which means it is July 23rd… which means that it is my last full day here. I leave so early on the 24th that I’m not even considering it a day here. I’m feeling a strange mix of emotions right now, and […]

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Adventures in Palermo

Ciao tutti, I apologize for the delay in this post. After coming back from Palermo, I’ve barely had time to breath! My host mother’s friend, who I met during my first week in Sicily, had her baby on Tuesday! We were returning from Palermo, so we had to drive back to Catania later in the […]

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Mt. Etna

Ciao tutti, I’m coming to you with another blog post with screaming feet yet again. I started this post last night, and fell asleep as I was typing…. it was a long day. Yesterday, I climbed the tallest volcano in Europe, and it was worth every step (although I wasn’t saying that during the climb). […]

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Ciao tutti, Since the last time I’ve posted, one very important thing has happened… I’ve had THE BEST pizza of my entire life! I swear that nothing will ever be better. It was a magical experience. Three nights ago, we went to Modica for a birthday party for the son of my family’s friends. We […]

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