If you’re reading this post, I sincerely thank you for being interested enough in my travels and experiences to stop by this blog. If you happened to read my blog previously, I stopped writing in October of 2016 because I simply did not have the time to put into making this great. I started it before coming to college, and my writing style has changed so drastically that my old posts make me cringe. More than anything else, I refuse to put less than 100% into anything I do, and I unfortunately did just that with this blog.

The great news is that I have redesigned this site for my upcoming travels to Ragusa, Sicily (and probably a few other places… stay tuned)! I wanted a fresh space that would reflect my style, and be a place that would capture the beauty of my pictures and experiences. Documenting as much as I possibly can from this experience is essential to me, and it’s a great way to share my days with friends and family.

I’m approaching my blog with one particular question in mind – “What did I search for, but not find?”. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I plan. I do research, make charts, and soak up as much information as I can before making any decision – even with something as minuet as buying a shirt. Hopefully understanding this paints a clear image of just how many hours I have spent preparing for this trip. It honestly makes me a little bit sick just thinking about it, but I know it is making me a better person and traveler. Considering all of this, I was frustrated by the lack of information or discussion on certain topics while doing research, and I want to help fill those gaps. In doing so, I know that some of my posts may seem random,  but do know that I am writing for others like me, in addition to family and friends, that want to know everything and learn from the experiences of others.

I promise that my future posts will not be so lengthy! I plan on having mostly photo galleries in my “Adventures” tab. The “thoughts” tab will house most of the lengthy or random posts, but I promise they will be worth the read! However, I keep being told, “Make sure you take pictures… I want to see all of them!”… so I know what everyone is here for.

Please stay tuned for more! I’ll be linking my posts to my social media pages so that everyone can have the updates come to them.

16 Days!



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