Another Day in Ragusa!

Ciao tutti,

Today was an amazing day! It is currently 12:19 am as I am writing this, but I am not tired because we eat dinner very late here. We eat dinner together at 9:00 pm, and sometimes even later. When my stomach is full of food, I have a lot of energy!

Today began with me eating breakfast with my host mother and Sofia. I had yogurt with almonds in it (Ragusa is known for their almonds), Nescarole (it’s similar to an apricot, but America does not have anything like it), Espresso (I LOVE ITALIAN COFFEE), and a small piece of toast with fig jam. My host mother usually eats a pastry with strawberry jam, toast, cookies, and fruit. The amount of carbohydrates that Italians consume amazes me because most people are thin! It is crazy to me.

After we ate breakfast, we sat at the table and shared pictures with each other for two hours! It was beautiful. They are so passionate about their family and friends, so I could sit forever and listen to them.

After this, we went to the shopping center (a mall for us, but much smaller), and bought Sofia pants. Their mall is nice, and I love that they have Zara! As we drove to the super market after the mall, I tried explaining to them about “floats” with soda and ice cream. Francesco now wants to try Primanti Brothers and a root beer float. We might make floats here one night! We grocery shopped, came home, and ate lunch. I played with Sofia for a while, and then we went to Ragusa Ibla. I took a train tour of the town, and it was BEAUTIFUL. Pictures do not do justice.

We came home around 7 pm, and began to make dinner. My mother made chicken, potatoes, olives, and salad. The best part was that Sofia (she is 4 years old) had a beer with dinner! She loves beer, and was a little drunk (but so was I… so it’s OK?). I love the Italian outlook on drinking.  For dessert, I had the BEST Nutella pizza. The best. I’m satisfied with my life now.

We worked on English a lot today. They have trouble with past tense words, and structuring the sentences. Overall, they have a good foundation of basic vocabulary, but there are particular words and grammatical rules that they want to work on. I give my family so much credit for wanting to learn. The more that I learn Italian and draw on my knowledge of Spanish, I realize how ridiculous the English language is. I don’t know how anyone could learn this language, but I’m trying my best to make English fit into their lives.

Check out my pictures from today! I assure you that none of these pictures share the true beauty of Sicilia.




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