The Beauty of Sicilian Life

Ciao friends,

Today in Sicily, I lived my first “normal” day with my family. Francesco woke up early and went to work, and Sofia went to school. My mother works from home normally, but goes to her villas on some days to clean and prepare for guests. I will get to go to one of the BEAUTIFUL villas this weekend. If you are curious… here is her website!

After my mother dropped off Sofia at school, we talked for a little while, and then cleaned the house. She wanted to buy detergent and soap, and wanted to buy fish for dinner. In Sicily, each type of product has its own store. The “soap store” is “saponeria” (I’m pretty sure), and the fish market is the “pescaria”. A woman at the saponeria asked if I am a relative of Elena (my host mother), which is a huge compliment because she is so beautiful 🙂 She explained why I am in Sicily, and the woman gave me a hug and kiss. She said to me (in Italian) that this is a wonderful experience for my host family, and that she is happy that I am in Sicily. Then, in the car, I helped her translate a sign for one of her villas into English. She was so happy that I could help her!

We drove to the fish store, and I was absolutely amazed by the fish. The entire fish is in front of you, and you tell them how to cut it. It is the most fresh fish that you can buy because we are 4 miles from the sea. The fisherman can butcher the fish, and cook it for you. You tell him when to have it ready, and then pick it up. The fish we had tonight was tuna, or “tono” in Italian.

After we ran our errands, we came back to the house and talked for a long time. We talked about fashion, school, my friends… everything! She told me that she is happy that I like to talk so much. I simply think that the more I talk to her in every situation, the better she can learn and remember. She made proscuitto and cheese panini for lunch and IT WAS AMAZING. The food is so cheap here. Ten grams of good quality prosciutto is only $2. Everything is very cheap here compared to the United States.

After lunch, we picked Sofia up from school, and went to a printing shop. I met so many people here who were so nice, and tried to speak English with me. I appreciate it so much now when I hear others speaking English because barely anyone does here. One of the men was young, and according to my mother, makes the best cannoli. He produces some of the cannoli for Nestle. I am amazed by how nice everyone is here. They are the most kind, warm, and friendly people that you will ever meet. I feel so welcomed here. We also stopped in one of the main streets of Ragusa where there is shopping, food (of course), and the church of San Giovanni. I did not want to be disrespectful and take pictures inside, but I wish that I could have. I’m not one to be emotional about a beautiful sight or architecture, but this church was so beautiful that I cried (read also – Grammy). I cannot describe it. Please try to Google it because it is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

After this, I went to the park with Sofia, fed her dinner, played with her, and then ate dinner with my parents. Each night, we talk at the dinner table for three hours or more. Tonight, they explained how they eat snails during the fall season. There was some miscommunication that made all of us laugh so hard that we cried. I will remember this moment forever.

It is 12:08 am here, and I need to go to bed because I am going to walk 40 kilometers tomorrow. I might die, but I will do it in the name of eating cannoli and gelato!



3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Sicilian Life

  1. Ok, So I will ask – why are you going to walk 40 kilometers tomorrow? To walk off all of the wonderful sounding food or because you are a sick human? Didn’t believe me when I said that you would miss hearing English, did you? Sounds like you are really settling in and both sides are learning about each other’s culture.

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