Fun fact: The way that Americans pronounce Italian words is completely wrong. If you would know anything about the Italian language, the correct pronunciations would seem obvious. However, even the name of Sicily is pronounced wrong by Americans. It is actually called Sicilia, and look at the title to see how it is pronounced in by people who are “Siciliano”.

Today was amazing! Elena and I went to Marina di Ragusa for a long walk, about 5 miles. I thought today was the 40 kilometer walk, but that is on Friday I believe. Marina di Ragusa is stunning. The water is extremely blue, and the sand is white and clean. There are tons of “very very good” restaurants (according to Mama) along the beach. The shops are also beautiful, and I want to buy one of everything. I met the family of one of her close friends at one of the perfumeries that he owns. I know that I have said this so many times, but the people here are so nice. They kept looking at me and saying “molto bella”, which means very beautiful 🙂 … even though I was sweaty and wearing a hat, with no makeup on.

We walked further along the beach, and I met the sister of a man, Giuseppe, that I met at the printing shop yesterday. She was so nice, and her shop has beautiful things. I will definitely be buying something there. She, and everyone else I meet, comments on my eyes because they are blue, and everyone here has brown eyes. As Elena and I continued walking, we talked about anything that you can imagine. The way that we speak is effortless despite having to explain meanings and grammatical structures at times.

At Marina di Ragusa is Elena’s favorite granita and gelato spot. It is called Caffe della Rosa. IT IS AMAZING! Forget everything about American granita… Sicilia invented it and they do it perfectly. It is icy, but creamy, and just sweet enough. We ate it with broiche bread, and it is customary to spread granita on some of the pieces and eat it together. It is delizioso. After this, we finished our walk and visited one of her villas to greet one of her guests. Extremely rich and famous people rent her villas, so this was a big deal. It was beautiful!!!

After this, we returned home and ate lunch. I had chicken, onions, salad, and bread. At 3:30, we always pick Sofia up from school. We went to the park, to the mozzarella store that sells only buffula, to the super market that specializes in prosciutto, and then came home. Dinner was mozzarella buffula, prosciutto, pomodoro, pepperoni (peppers), and bread. The mozzarella was so good that I almost cried. Forget the crap that we have in America. This was incredible.

Tomorrow, Elena is taking me to Catania by bus because she loves that city! She went to university in Catania, and it has a lot to do and see. I cannot wait to go!



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