Ferrari Red is My New Favorite Color

Ciao tutti,

Despite today being a very “normal” day, it was really freaking awesome because I got to sit in a Ferrari. My butt. In. A. Ferrari. So Cool.

In the morning, I ate my breakfast and exercised while Elena drove Sofia to school and ran an errand. I considered buying a gym membership here, but my house has a lot of space in their basement, and some gym equipment. I felt bad adding to the chaos of their days by having to bring me and pick me up, so I brought resistance bands with me and do pylometric style workouts. It isn’t much different than what I do at home, except without the weights and a few machines that I usually use. I make up for it with all of the walking that I do here – we walk everywhere.

Then, I cleaned  by bedroom, and helped Elena clean the house. She doesn’t want me to feel like I have to clean with her, but I tried to explain that it is my way of saying “thank you”, and contributing to their lives. I would never live in anyone’s house and not offer to clean, but the Sicilian’s are very hospitable and want me to be treated like a guest. Then, we went to the super market, ate lunch, picked Sofia up from school and took her to gymnastics.

Between the time when Sofia was at gymnastics and at English school, we had to stop at the car showroom to have the engine inspected. My family always buys their cars from this place, so she knows one of the salesmen very well. He offered to show me the Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari show rooms. I was amazed by the beauty of these cars. In the pictures, you can probably tell that I was super excited to be able to sit in the Ferrari. My smile was ridiculous! But the details, the color, the build… everything about these cars are perfect. If anyone is looking to donate to the “Buy Abby a Ferrari” fund, I can give you the details.

Tonight was very low-key. We ate dinner and watched the famous European car race (basically European Nascar). For dinner, we ate hamburgers (no bun), 5-seed

bread, grilled eggplant and green beans, salad, provola, ricotta, and peccorino. The cheese here is perfect… not too salty, not too strong…. just right. I could eat buckets of ricotta everyday. It tastes completely different than our ricotta because it is made fresh daily. After dinner while watching the car race, Francesco showed me the new Bvlgari watches that he and Elena bought and are waiting to arrive. They are best friends with a man who is the General Director of Bvlgari, and owns many perfumeries in Italy. The moral of this blog is that Italians do everything just right, and that Italian designers are superior.



One thought on “Ferrari Red is My New Favorite Color

  1. A Ferrari, huh?
    I love the Bvulgari Eau the blanc perfume and have used it for years.
    History bears out the grace, beauty, and ingenuity of Italian design.
    Experiencing it first hand is. ..Awesome!


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