Oh, the Fun of Snapchat Filters!

Ciao tutti,

Today I learned that small children can be easily entertained with Snapchat filters. If you’re worried that a child is about to cry or become upset, whip out Snapchat and show them the filters on their face… viola! A happy child.

This morning had a rough start because I wanted to know the score of the Penguins game, so I woke up super early in Sicilia time to find out if we won! I couldn’t fall back asleep, and have been exhausted all day. Then, Elena and I went for a walk. The walk was great, but something in the air gave me an allergic reaction. I itched everywhere, and it was really uncomfortable. It was only when I was outside, so I was fine the rest of the day. When we walked at Marina di Ragusa, I didn’t have this problem, so I’m not sure what was wrong.

After the walk, we changed and went to the shopping center! I was excited because they have Zara, and I love their clothing. We don’t have a physical store in Pittsburgh, so I don’t usually buy their clothing because I can’t try it on. I’m obsessed! Elena had me try on a dress that I wouldn’t normally wear, but I ended up really liking it. I don’t wear pink very often, but this is such a bright, pastel pink that actually looks good on me. I’m happy that I tried it!

The rest of the day was relaxed. Francesco was off of work early, so we all ate lunch together and went to pick up Elena’s car from the shop because it was being painted. We went into Ragusa Ibla to visit Elena’s mother, and we were able to stop into San Giovanni Cathedral again. I mentioned in a previous blog that I visited a church that was so beautiful that I cried… this was it. It was open for the public today, so I was able to take pictures. If you look at the pictures, you will see why I was so amazed by its beauty. For dinner tonight, we had pizza!

Fun fact: In Italy, you never share your pizza. You have one whole pizza for yourself. Needless to say, I could only eat half of mine, and they were worried that I didn’t eat enough. Italians think that Americans are crazy for only eating one “small” piece.



One thought on “Oh, the Fun of Snapchat Filters!

  1. SO incredibly beautiful!
    Most of the cathedrals had great artworks sponsored by various guilds.
    The continued designations of various professions…fish cheese baked goods all in separate stores as well as masons plasteres on and on…goes back to The middle ages. Each group wanted to outdo the other with what they donated to the church.
    I would love to have more info on the construction and history of the cathedrsl.
    Not finding much on-line.
    Also the marbles used were chosen for color and design.
    Please get more photos when you can. It is such a great example of high baroque…just beautiful!


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