How Will I Survive Without Fresh Food?

Ciao tutti,

The title of this post is a question that I ask myself at least five times a day. The food here is as fresh as you’ll ever have, and I really don’t know what I’ll do when I come back to the burgh. The food here makes it hard to miss home.

Today was normal, but exhausting! I met the bride that I’m doing hair and makeup for this morning, and she is beautiful. I’ll be doing hair for her, and six other women. Most of them are applying their own makeup, but I will use their makeup and apply it on them if they want me to. Every time I go to Moltisanti’s villa, it seems surreal. It’s incredible, he’s incredible, everything there is amazing. After visiting with the bride, I went with Elena and Francesco to one of Elena’s villas to help her prepare for new guests. Every single one of her villa’s is stunning, and she puts so much care into making sure the guests are comfortable. We had to figure out how to put together a play pen for a baby that is coming with the guests, and that was hilarious. It was nearly impossible to figure out, and the miscommunication made us all laugh.

After we ate lunch, I helped Elena with some yard work. They have a small yard, but the entire property is surrounded by hedges, and I helped her cut them. My arms are shaking from being so sore. However, I offered to help because it is my way of saying thank you to them for all that they do for me. She also deserves a break, and I don’t know how she usually does this all on her own!

The rest of the night was relaxed, and we ate dinner. We had grouper fish, and it was delicious! Grouper isn’t my favorite fish, but it’s amazing how much more I like it when it’s fresh. Ironic? I love that the local fisherman will cook the fish for you based on what he thinks is best. He prepared the fish with potatoes and onions today, but it was very light. You can always assume that I have bread with anything I eat. I also tried AMAZING wine. It was a local Sicilian white wine, and I could have chugged the entire bottle (but I didn’t 😦 ….). I’m absolutely exhausted from the yard work, so I’m going to bed early tonight.



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