There’s Nothing Like a Siciliano Tan

Ciao tutti,

I think that Marina di Ragusa is my new favorite place. It has everything – a beautiful sea, amazing food, and great people. I met two new people who were around my age at the beach today, and I met them because both are learning English and wanted to speak to me. It is such a different experience for me to have people want to simply hear me speak (I think that people want just the opposite in Pittsburgh). Other Sicilian’s at the beach were listening to me speak to the two young people, and I can always tell when people are listening because the stare intently at me.  I don’t mind it at all, but I find it so funny when I notice it. Young people are eager to speak to me when they figure out that I’m speaking English, but the children are more nervous to speak with me. I can totally understand why! It is great when people approach me in public because it becomes another learning experience for my host mother.

We spent about 5 hours at the beach, and had bruschetta pizza for lunch. I love that in Italia and Sicilia, there are no stupid open-container laws like in the United States. People can sit on the beach and enjoy a beer or cocktail openly, and there are never any problems. So,  Elena and I enjoyed a Dreher beer with our pizza. I was perfectly happy.

After we returned from the beach, I played with Sofia, worked out (I work out regularly here), went to the supermarket, ran errands with Elena, and ate dinner. It was another low-key night! Elena and I were both very tired from being in the sun all day, so it’s an early night again for us.

Tomorrow is her birthday, so I’m surprising her with a drawing of mine. She is amazed by my art, so I made her something to keep. I wanted to buy her a gift, but it is impossible for me to buy her something without her knowing because I don’t have my own car. A funny story – they told me that I should try driving their car here because it’s so different from in America, but I don’t know how to drive a manual car! If it were automatic, I think that I could do it. I told them that I would damage their car if I tried to drive it here, and they thought that was hilarious (it was funny, but a little bit serious… I’m not sure if they believed me).




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