I Love French Sarcasm

Ciao tutti,

I’m coming to you from Ragusa with a massive food coma. I had a ridiculous amount of food today, and I’m sorely regretting it. Sometimes it’s impossible to say no to the food here because it’s all new to me, and it’s just so good! I went to another cookout today with my family for a high school reunion party for Francesco. Any Italian cookout, or barbecue, is sure to have more than enough food to feed a small country. My lunch consisted of focaccia, panino with cheese, sun dried tomato, and olive oil, salad, a hamburger, tiramisu, chocolate cookies, fruit, espresso, and averno. I’m truly dying. I had a really light dinner with just a small piece of bread, mozzarella, and prosciutto.

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me! In a previous post, I mentioned that I was asked to do hair and makeup for the guests of Salvatore Moltisanti’s villa. Yesterday was the day that I finally did it! I was so nervous that everything wouldn’t turn out as they wanted it to, or that I wouldn’t have enough time. However, I amazed myself and did 7 faces and heads of hair in 3 hours. I don’t think that I even blinked for the entire time. I loved this experience because I was able to experience a little bit of French culture, and see the difference between American and Italian culture. Most of the women spoke some English, and I enjoyed their sense of humor. French people are generally more sarcastic, and I happen to be fluent in sarcasm. It’s different from Italian culture because their humor is much more direct. We had a great time joking with each other and talking!

The bride and her friends were from Paris, and chose to come to Ragusa because of Moltisanti’s villa. There were about 30 people in total staying at the villa together, and this property is stunning. I can see why they wanted to be at his villa! They were getting married at San Giovanni in Ragusa Ibla, and were having their reception at a restaurant in Ibla, too. The bride and her friends all asked for similar hair and makeup. They enjoy something simple, but beautiful. For the bride, I did a twisted updo that was relaxed, yet elegant. We picked flowers from the garden to put in her hair, too! For makeup, I chose bronze and champagne tones to emphasize her gorgeous eyes and amazing tan. The other women asked for similar looks, too. I didn’t have enough time to get pictures of everyone, but besides the bride it was very simple hair. When everyone was done, the party left for the church, and the sister of the bride drover her to the church in a retro Juliette car. It was perfect! I had some time to talk to Salvatore and his husband, and they are wonderful people. He told me that he “enjoys my attitude towards life”, which was a huge compliment to receive from him. They keep inviting me back to their villa, too!

Last night was so much fun! It was Elena’s friends birthday, and he had a party in Comiso to celebrate. The soccer championship was on, so they had a big screen outside for everyone to watch. I found out that a Marotta is the owner of the Juventus soccer club, so I thought that was really cool! It makes sense now why people say “futbol?” when I tell them my name. Everyone assumes that I’m related to this person!

At the party, everyone wanted to speak English with me, and have a “crash course”. One of the young girls at the party is taking English lessons, and is incredibly intelligent. I sat with her and asked simple questions as everyone else listened. One of the men wanted me to give them a “crash course” and test him in English, but he does not know any at all. It was entertaining, but meaningful that he does really want to know how to speak. I’ve discovered that many adults truly dream of speaking perfect English, but lack the time or the energy to learn. It is much more difficult for adults to learn languages, so I can understand how it is difficult to feel motivated.

As each day passes, I continuously wonder how I will ever be without Ragusa. My host family, the locals, and the friends that I’ve made beg me to live here forever. It’s not in a light, joking way. They are completely serious, and it breaks my heart to even think of leaving and to think that I may never come back here. I know that I will find my way back here one day, but it’s difficult to know that I’ll have to leave a place that gives me so much love and happiness.



6 thoughts on “I Love French Sarcasm

  1. Oh my!
    I get exhilarated and exhausted just reading about your days! They do live life well and fully.
    How fortunate that you enjoy living the same way!!!
    The bride looks lovely!


  2. There’s no rule that you cannot go back in the future. Obviously you are a great ambassador for our country and a real joy to be around (but we already knew that!) Carpe Diem!

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    1. Chedro is a type of lemon that is not as sour, and you can cut the skin off and eat like an apple. It looks like a larger, more wrinkled lemon! I love eating chedro here. It’s very good for digestion and detoxifying your organs.


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