Abby vs Bugs: The Trilogy

Ciao tutti,

I’m still recovering from my food coma from yesterday. Thankfully, we ate much lighter today, so I’m starting to feel a little better. I had trouble falling asleep last night because I was so full! Once I did fall asleep, I had a strange night. I remember hearing ringing and buzzing noises in my ears, and kept waking up to make it stop. When I woke up this morning, I found 5 bug bites on my right cheek. I think that I spider bit me in my sleep, and it would make sense because I sleep on my left side. I remember being bit by a spider a few years ago, and I had a similar ringing sound in my ears after it happened. I just hope the bites go away quickly!

Thankfully,  today was calm. After a busy weekend, I was happy to have a normal day. Elena and I went to Marina di Ragusa for a few hours, and I met my friend again at the beach! We all relaxed for a while, and then Elena and I had to go to one of her villa’s to fix a problem. After we returned home, we showered and then ran some errands.

At 6 pm tonight, a girl that I met at a birthday party a few days ago came to Elena’s house so that I could help her study for an English test that she has tomorrow.  She is incredibly intelligent and mature for her age, so it was fun to work with her. She was learning words for animals, how to compare two objects, and assigning meaning to different words. For example, she would have a statement such as, “This is clothing that you wear when it is cold outside. It has a belt, and you wear it on top of your clothing”. She had another page with pictures and words on it, and she had to select the best word for it from that sheet of paper. She had a few other exercises to practice, and then practiced reading from her book to me. I find it so interesting to learn about how other cultures teach English, and compare it to how I learned Spanish and Italian.

The young girl stayed with us for dinner, and Elena made polpette. It is similar to meat balls, but not quite as heavy. One huge mistake that American’s make is eating meat balls with pasta. You never have primi and secondi together. Primi is the first course, which is usually pasta or some type of carbohydrates (who am I kidding, everything here is a carbohydrate). Secondi is usually meat or fish with vegetables. It’s a major faux pas to have something like meat balls on the same plate as pasta. We ate polpette tonight with salad and some bread, and had watermelon for dessert. My belly is happy.



2 thoughts on “Abby vs Bugs: The Trilogy

  1. What no wine or beer to go with dinner?How can it be complete? It sounds like you are recovering from a very busy, adventurous and fun-filled weekend. However, even your “plain” day sounds full of new experiences. You describe your tutoring sessions so well, that I can almost picture being there at the table. Hope the bug bites aren’t too bothersome. Personally, our money is on you to beat the buggies!

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    1. We have wine and beer sometimes! It depends on how heavy that dinner is. We had wine and beer yesterday during the day, so we skipped it for dinner! Yes, even the “normal” days are enjoyable for me. The bugs are making me angry because I can’t tell what kind is biting me, and it’s happening while I’m sleeping at night. I left my window closed last night and still got bit. It looks like fleas or spider bites because they are too small to be mosquitoes. I have plenty of Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, and natural bug repellent. I’m hoping for the best!


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