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This blog post is sponsored by wine and focaccia.

I apologize for not blogging that last two days – the days have been busy and exhausting, so I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough at night to write.

Friday was another day at the beach for us, but it was Sofia’s first time for the year! She finished school on Friday, so we took her to the beach. I wouldn’t say that I “relaxed” at the beach… she kept me busy! We spent all day at the beach, and then relaxed at night. All of this time at the beach has given me an amazing tan… even the Sicilian’s have complimented me! They love my tan because my skin has a golden tone, while they have an olive tone. I prefer their olive tone, but they like how my skin tans!

Yesterday, Elena took me to Modica! It is about 20 minutes from Ragusa, and you have to cross one of the tallest bridges in Europe to enter the city. When you are on the bridge, most of Modica is directly below you, so many people completely miss the town of Modica! Once we arrived, we stopped at a museum that has tons of ancient artifacts from Sicilia and Modica, and it is arranged in an old house. If you look at the images from this post, you can see some of them! The most amazing part of this tour for me was how the house was constructed. All of the old houses in Sicilia are constructed to somehow keep the temperature perfectly cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Despite the insane heat yesterday, I felt perfectly cool on this tour! I was also amazed by the explanations of the tour guide (he didn’t speak great English, but it was enough  for me to understand… and I understood his Italian). These people did not waste anything, were incredibly resourceful, and did all of this without modern technology. I thought about how many people in the modern world would simply give up and die without the convenience of modern inventions, but these people thrived.

After the museum tour, the rest of the day became a food tour. Modica is famous for their unique chocolate, so I tried the chocolate and famous cookies of the town. The chocolate has a grainy texture, and a similar taste to dark chocolate. The grainy texture comes from the production process, in which they use no cocoa butter. The chocolate bonds together from carefully controlled temperatures. I really like Modica chocolate because it is similar to dark chocolate, and you can actually taste any flavor that is added to it. I tried plain, orange, lemon, coffee, and lime & ginseng. The cookies were interesting… they have meat and chocolate inside of them. The meat is like bacon bits, but natural and not salty. They were actually delicious!

In the evening, we went to Giarratana for apertivo with friend, and dinner at Nonna’s. I love the apertivo bar in Giarratana because my host parents know everyone, so I usually end up meeting so many new people! They are all so kind to me, and are so interested in my life. I had 3 locals last night as me to live with them to teach them English! I really think that I’ll have to move here someday. For dinner, Nonna made focaccia! I LOVE focaccia here, but Nonna makes it best. Also, as usual, American’s have screwed this one up, too. Our idea of focaccia is incorrect. The bread that we call focaccia has a completely different name, which translates to “old face”. It’s not a common bread here.

It is currently Sunday morning here, and today I’m going to the beach with Francesco’s sister and her friend. Poor Sofia is sick, so they cannot go to the beach today. The friend of his sister speaks English, so it will be a fun day!





2 thoughts on “Modica

  1. I love it all!!!
    The cathedral is unique. I’ve seen MANY but never one like it!
    It looks like the construction of older structures is similar to the adobe that was used in AZ. Probably like a stucco and with very thick walls.
    How old is “ancient”? From the time of the Greeks?

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