The Sun, the sand, and Ragusa Ibla

Ciao tutti,

I think that the average time that I have been going to bed for the past week is 1 a.m. I have been out late every night and can’t keep my eyes open long enough to write anything! I know that writing at this time isn’t the best for my friends and family in the United States, but it works for me.

Being away made me realize how perfect Ragusa is for me. I already knew that I was incredibly fortunate to be here, but traveling made me realize that this really is home for me. I missed the people, the weather, the town… everything. In my opinion, Ragusa has the best of everything that any visitor could want. I feel like I cannot stress enough how much I wish for everyone I know to visit here!

Once I landed back in Comiso on Wednesday after a LONG day, Francesco picked me up and we went home. I was so happy to see my family again! Sofia was very happy to see me :). Elena prepared my favorite meal for me because I was starving! I ate tomatoes and mozzarella with oil, salt, and oregano, and a side of bread. We relaxed for a bit, and then had to run a few errands. I was really exhausted, but I knew that if I didn’t keep moving and doing something, I would fall asleep far too early. After we ran errands, we ate dinner and went to bed. We were all exhausted that day!

Thursday was another beautiful beach day. I’m trying to soak up as much of it as I can before I leave, so I’m happy to spend every second there. We spent all day at the beach, and came home for the evening. Sofia had English class, so Elena and I ran errands while she was busy. We stopped at a fruitteria, and I had a funny experience with a boy who was working there. I didn’t say much to Elena, but the boy somehow heard me speaking English and was so curious to hear me say more. Like most other people, he stared at me and smiled, and I knew that it meant that he wanted to hear me talking. It’s amazing how the people here treat me like a celebrity or something when they hear me speaking! After we returned home, we ate dinner and relaxed before going to bed.

Friday was a busy day! Elena had to do some work around her villas, so she took Sofia to her school’s daycare program. She and I went to the different villas and ran errands for her work during the day, before we had to pick up Sofia at 1 p.m. We returned home to eat lunch, which Elena made a delicious sfoglia pastry that had simple mashed potatoes, slices of boiled egg, provola, and prosciutto on top. I was stuffed! We ran errands for the rest of the day (there is always something to be done for her job), and made a few stops at some of her villas. After, we returned home for dinner, and ate one of my favorite meals. We had mozzarella di bufula, prosciutto, green beans mixed with potatoes and onions, salad, and bread. I love it because everything is simple and light, but very filling. The plate has so many textures and flavors, and I LOVE mozzarella. After dinner, we went to Ragusa Ibla. Ragusa Ibla is the historical section of the city that sits lower that Ragusa (I used to think it was the opposite…). I always enjoy going to Ragusa Ibla because it is so beautiful, both by day and night. I adore the little restaurants and shops because they have classic baroque architecture, which adds extra Sicilian charm. We stopped for gelato and chatted with friends while we were there. It was a beautiful night!


On Saturday, Elena and I went to the beach for most of the day! We made a few stops in the early afternoon at her villas to do guest check-ins, and then went to the beach. It was HOT here yesterday. Normally there is a light breeze at the beach, but not yesterday. I was sweating and even the water couldn’t cool me off. Regardless, I still enjoyed it because it beats the hell out of the rain in Pittsburgh. At night, Francesco’s uncle, Paolo, organized a barbecue for me :). He has been saying that he wanted to have a barbecue for me since I met him in May, so I was so happy to finally try his barbecue! It was a wonderful night with friends and great food. We didn’t leave the barbecue until 12:30!

Later today, we are going to Modica for a birthday party! I believe it is for one of the daughters of their friends. I love Modica, so I’m excited to go back!



2 thoughts on “The Sun, the sand, and Ragusa Ibla

  1. Can’t say it enough…
    LOVE it all!!!
    SO beautiful…majestic yet beckoning you to explore and immerse yourself in its wonders!


  2. It is amazing that you are traveling, enjoying and exploring — this from a girl who wouldn’t ride her bicycle unless I was holding onto the seat to keep her from falling! Enjoy the beach and the sun; we have neither here!

    Liked by 1 person

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