Ciao tutti,

Since the last time I’ve posted, one very important thing has happened… I’ve had THE BEST pizza of my entire life! I swear that nothing will ever be better. It was a magical experience.

Three nights ago, we went to Modica for a birthday party for the son of my family’s friends. We stopped in the town of Modica first to walk around (maybe I bought some gifts…), and we had some chocolate. I met a man in the chocolate shop who speaks English, and we talked for half an hour! He has to speak English because Modica has a lot of tourists, and he was eager to practice with me. He, and many other people that I meet, told me that I’m very easy to understand because my voice is clear and I speak slowly. I find it funny when I hear this because I don’t necessarily like the sound of my own voice, but the people here love it. Basically I have been using my “customer service” voice constantly, and it’s tiring! However, I love that it helps me connect with people. I’m not sure why, but I’ve had many people tell me that they don’t understand much English, but they can understand every word I say. People are also constantly asking to hear me speak, which is so funny for me. I love the people here!

After we stopped in the old town of Modica, we went to dinner. The husband of the family that we were meeting is the owner of a restaurant, Con Vivio. It is a beautiful restaurant, and reminded me of something that you would see in Arizona. The entire family was wonderful, and they had the sweetest children. The oldest daughter (she was 9) and I bonded because I explained to her (in Italian) that I understand the struggle of being the oldest sibling. She stayed by my side the entire night.


The husband ordered us the best food. We started with appetizers, and we had shrimp, salmon and avocado tartar, tuna tartar, fried tuna, and calamari. They were small sampling sizes, so I tried everything except for the calamari… I know that I hate the texture. There was also a bread basket… I had the best bread ever. I died. We also started the meal with a delicious white wine. It was German, and it was something like “gurstenwein”… I butchered that, but I would know if I saw the bottle.


Then came the best part… the pizza. Elena told me it was the best, and she didn’t steer me wrong. She hasn’t yet, especially with Bottone Cannoli! We tried 3 different types of pizza, all with different toppings. Regardless of what was on the pizza, the ingredients were the most fresh that you could have, and the flavors were perfectly balanced. The crust was perfectly crunchy yet soft.The tomato sauce was homemade, and had a light and sweet flavor that was not acidic at all. The best part is that I didn’t feel guilty after eating it. The fresh ingredients leave you feeling satisfied, but not disgustingly full. With the pizza, we tried a red wine that was from Mt. Etna (I remember the wine started with an “O”…).

For dessert, we had a typical Sicilian cake. It is a light vanilla flavor, and it is covered with light vanilla icing and pistachio’s. Sometimes the filling varies, and it was a light lemon flavor in this cake. There were also kiwi and peaches on the cake. It was delicious. Just like any other “get together”, we stayed very late. We left at 12:30!


The past two days have been relaxed! We have ran errands, been to the beach, cleaned… the usual. Two nights ago, Francesco’s uncle, Paolo, had a barbecue for me! I met him during my first week in Sicilia, and he said that he wanted to have a barbecue for me. The food was delicious! It’s always a fun time with Uncle Paolo… he is crazy, but the best!

I don’t know what the rest of the week will be like! It is supposed to be 97 degrees here on Friday, so pray for me. I think I might melt. I’m sure that we will be at the beach a lot this week because it’s really hot here! My family and I are also starting to plan our trip together to Palermo, so I’ll share updates when I have them.




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  1. Can’t fool me! That was a pineapple slice on that cake with the peach!
    How fantastically awesome it all sounds!!!
    I AM getting our passports updated…simply MUST GO THERE!!!
    EXCITED to hear about Palermo too!
    Good thing there’s not surcharge for exclamation point usage!
    It all is SO great…my best to everyone and just continue to enjoy to the max!!!


  2. Sounds and looks delicious! Does Uber Eats deliver from there?
    Enjoy your trip to Palermo…any plans to go to St. Agata?(Going back to the egg…)


  3. Oldest Siblings of the World Unite! See, even in Sicilia, it is still the same to be the oldest sibling. 🙂 The wine with the name that you say you butchered is available here – probably not as tasty- and it usually served here with turkey. I like their pairing better though! I didn’t think it was possible, but this blog entry with the food pictures and descriptions made me drool even more. We are seriously looking into a water proof device for me for when I read your blogs.
    I seriously doubt that you will mind the 97 degree weather on Friday while you are at the beach. Just remember the sunscreen or we will be able to identify you as the “Red Abby”. Although, given the fact that everyone there likes to hear you speak and treats you like royalty, maybe you can be the new version of the “Red Queen” from fiction.
    Either way, it all sounds TERRIFIC!! I was wondering if barbeques were like the ones we have back here? They were very popular in Brasil and it is QUITE COOL when they have one in your honor, isn’t it? Just remember to smile and wave…. 🙂
    One final question, how are you going to arrange for daily fresh food delivery when you get back here? I don’t need to remind you that our version of “fresh” mozzarella is a lump swimming in olive oil for a ridiculous price!
    Have fun and say hello to everyone! Love, your oldest sibling Aunt Marjie 🙂

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    1. Hi Aunt Marjie! I’ve talked to some of the people who work at the local wine shops, and they said that sometimes its better to buy the wines from the stores back home. Depending on the wine, it may be worse for me to bring it in my luggage. I’m still weighing my options about bringing wine and beer home! The barbecues are similar to ours, but last MUCH longer. It’s an all day affair! I think I’ll have to arrange for delivery… I don’t know what I’m going to do!


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