Beach Day No.1

Ciao a tutti,

It’s currently 11:28 p.m. Italia time (as Mama says), and I am sleep deprived and sun drunk. I honestly don’t know how or why I’m awake because I was wired last night and didn’t sleep, but as I always say… I’ll sleep when I’m dead? Inspirational? Yep.

Today was the first beach day of my time in Sicilia for 2018… and I think that’s why I couldn’t sleep! I was SO excited to go! There is nothing that I love more than just staring at the Mediterranean Sea. I always have the best life conversations with Elena at the beach, and she reminds me that everything will be  OK. The story of my Great Great Grandfather makes the this particular sea have a special meaning for me… He was a fisherman in Palermo, and he fell off of the boat one night. His father had to ring the boats bell all night while he swam for eight hours until he could be rescued in the daylight. It is also the sea that my family crossed, where I’ve had some of my most special memories, and where I have spent so much time. Today, while I was shopping with Mama, a woman told me that my eyes look like the sea. Yesterday, Sofia told me that my eyes look like “green water” (in Italian, rather than “teal”, they call the color green water).  Amazing how the ladies in Italia can be more kind and romantic than most twenty-something American men, right?

We did our usual routine with Sofia, but she had gymnastics today. I will go to her dance recital in June! Some of the mothers and the teacher remembered me, which was so surprising to me. Elena and I went for a long walk around Ragusa, which I enjoy so much. I love looking at the little shops, and there are some gorgeous things inside of them. In the car and at home, Sofia did my hair countless times today. I nearly spit my water out of my mouth in my car after she put my hair into pigtails… I have not seen that look on me maybe ever.

Tonight, Sofia finally let me read the book that I bought for her, to her! It’s titled, If I had a Little Dream. I love the illustrations in the book, and the message. I want her to always be reminded to dream big and never give up. If I didn’t dream an impossible dream, I wouldn’t be here right now! I promised her one tickle, one high five, and letting her do my hair in exchange for her being good and doing her night routine quickly. I was emotional when I read her the last page of the book because she is my entire heart. We also FaceTimed my Sissy, and Sofia was so confused! She thought that she was talking to me on the screen, and started rattling off in Italian. It was hilarious!

A funny note from dinner tonight… as we were cleaning up, Sofia and I were going to split the last cream puff. She went to climb into my lap, but smacked her leg off of the counter. It was so loud that both of us immediately started laughing, and I fell off of my chair. Sofia couldn’t contain her laughter and dropped her cream puff on me. We were a mess.

I’ve only been here for three days, but time is already going so fast! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Grazie mille,




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