Sant’Agata di Militello

Ciao a tutti,

This is the special blog that I mentioned in the previous post. From reading the title, you probably have no idea where or what I’m talking about. Yes, it’s a long Italian name, and it is that of the hometown of my family. On June 13th and 14th, Grammy, Grampy, and I visited Sant’Agata di Militello to walk the streets where our ancestors did. Although it’s a small town, it’s absolutely critical for Italians to visit the town of their ancestors, no matter what it is like.

We stayed at Agriturismo Villa Luca, which means that it is like a B&B but on a farm like property. At agriturismo’s, there are normally loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you’re presented with a delicious breakfast. The property was filled with more flowers and plants than you can possibly imagine, and it even had a pool! The major downside was the sick amount of mosquitos, and the cockroach that found its way into our bedroom and into my suitcase… I’m not blaming the property because we were essentially in the “woods”, and we left some windows cracked. However, I’m super annoyed about all of these mosquito bites. The current count is 13.

When I say that Sant’Agata di Militello is small, I mean it’s SMALL. There are very few things to do, and it’s not a place that any old tourist would stop at. The first stop we made was to a small cafe for some lunch, and then to the beach walk area. From here, we went to Piazza Duomo to visit the church where my great-great-great-grandfather studied to become a priest. We were amazed by its beauty from the outside, but somebody opened the doors for us to go inside! It was such a beautiful surprise. After this, we went to Piazza Castello, which was beautiful but closed by that time of day. We walked around the town a bit more, and then went to relax by the pool at our villa until dinner.

We chose to go to a place recommended to us by our host. The restaurant name was Asteria, and it sat right along the sea. We always are a bit on the early side for dinner anywhere we go, so we were seated right away. Our meals were delicious, and we were given free lemon sorbet! We had a wonderful local wine with dinner, and for once we actually drank pink wine! I am absolutely not a pink wine person, but this one was perfect. The name of the wine was Rosa di Rose, and it was from Milazzo, which is a little protruding area on the northern coast of Sicily that has the port to go to the Eolian islands.

For breakfast the next morning, we were served a wide variety of fresh foods. We had fresh bread, scrambled eggs with pancetta, pastries, yogurts, fresh jams, fresh juices, coffee, cereal, fresh local milk, fruit…. everything was delicious. We loaded up our bellies, and did some exploring before going back to Ragusa. I found a few shop names, and one street, with our last name in it. None of the shops had signs for us to get pictures with, but I did find the street sign! The picture of the street name was taken at a little bar/cafe. Once we found what we were looking for, we headed back to Ragusa. My favorite part of the drive was when we were near the very tip of Messina because you can see the mainland of Italy from the coast! When you see it, you are looking at Calabria. You can truly see the shape of the boot!

I don’t know where my time here has gone, but I’m going to be sure to enjoy every second of it while it lasts.

Grazie mille,



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