Ciao tutti, Since the last time I’ve posted, one very important thing has happened… I’ve had THE BEST pizza of my entire life! I swear that nothing will ever be better. It was a magical experience. Three nights ago, we went to Modica for a birthday party for the son of my family’s friends. We […]

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Ciao tutti, From the title of my Roma blog, you can probably guess what 15.8 is. Yep, that’s the total number of miles that I walked in Firenze! Firenze is a great walking city because it is much smaller than Roma. The best part about the 15.8 miles is that it doesn’t account for all […]

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ROMA 22.3

Ciao tutti, In case you’re wondering what 22.3 is, that’s the total number of miles that I walked in 2 days in Roma. Yes, I’m probably a little bit crazy, but every step was worth it. Here’s how I used these steps… I arrived in Roma around 4 p.m. on June 18, and had to […]

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A Blog in a Blog

  Ciao tutti, I’m coming to you from my bed, about to fall asleep. I helped put together a porch swing today for Sofia, and ran around all day. The break in blogging is because the past few days have consisted of me being at the beach, running errands, and relaxing with my family. These […]

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Health, Fitness, and Traveling

Ciao tutti, Tonight is an early night for me! I woke up early this morning to find out if my Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, and it was more than worth waking up for. I am sooooo excited that they won. I told anyone that I met today who spoke English about the Penguins […]

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Ciao tutti, This blog post is sponsored by wine and focaccia. I apologize for not blogging that last two days – the days have been busy and exhausting, so I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough at night to write. Friday was another day at the beach for us, but it was Sofia’s first […]

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