The Sicilia Path Less Traveled

Ciao a tutti, Tonight I’m coming to you as I’m absolutely exhausted, but with an open heart and renewed sense of purpose. It’s so easy to lose sight of your direction, and the inspiration that sent you down a particular path, in the midst of this crazy thing that we call life. I have been […]

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One Month Later

Ciao a tutti, I can’t believe that I’m actually writing this post. I know, I’ve broken all of the blogger rules and just went AWOL for a little over a month. My life got more busy than I imagined that it ever could since being home, so I didn’t even have time to think about […]

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Siracusa & Friends

Ciao tutti, I apologize for the brief break in programming… I’ve had a crazy few days! The past two days have left me speechless quite a few times, and have tested me (in a good way). I have been exhausted and my allergies have been bad, so it can be difficult to feel positive, happy, […]

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Ciao Fun fact: The way that Americans pronounce Italian words is completely wrong. If you would know anything about the Italian language, the correct pronunciations would seem obvious. However, even the name of Sicily is pronounced wrong by Americans. It is actually called Sicilia, and look at the title to see how it is pronounced […]

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Day 1 in Italy – Complete!

Ciao friends, The number of times that I have actually said “ciao” today is actually crazy. It is the “catch-all” phrase here, and has literally saved my entire day. However, I apparently look Italian enough that when I say “ciao”, the natives try to engage in a very fast-paced conversation with me. I desperately want […]

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